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The Satanic Order of Sex Magic (SSM) is a non-theistic spiritual organization for adults, focused on the power and pleasures of sex — as well as its influence on our psyches and our daily lives.

Here are a few key points regarding SSM:

(This is not an exhaustive list)

  • SSM does not worship a theistic Satan. Nor does association with the organization imply that a person worships any deity. Rather, we use Satan to provide the perfect iconography for our philosophies of guiltless sexual pleasure, individual freedom, and the ostracization so many of us face from mainstream society. It’s also simply an aesthetic choice, given that many of us that are into bondage and other kinky sex find dark and foreboding imagery to be a turn-on.

  • SSM is an organization for consenting adults only. We violently oppose any harm, abuse, or sexual activity involving children, animals, or any non-consenting creature or adult.

  • SSM is for any type of consenting adult that wants to experience sexual pleasure without guilt or shame. All races, genders, orientations, religions, body types, abilities, and relationship statuses — including singles, monogamous, and non-monogamous relationships — are welcome.

  • SSM is not “a way to get laid”. It’s a set of philosophies, practices, and beliefs based on left-hand path magic intended to empower the practitioner psychologically, spiritually, and metaphysically. Finding consenting adults to practice with is up to the practitioner.

  • SSM is not a church, social club, or political organization. We exist to research, practice, and perform intensely pleasurable, guilt-free sex magic that helps turn intent into reality through psychodramatic catharsis. And to share our discoveries with others that would like to do the same. While there is some natural affiliation and affinity between most people that would practice SSM, practitioners aren’t intended to be lumped together as a single community of groupthinkers, but as loosely connected individuals with similar interests. The development of heightened sexual pleasure without guilt or shame that tends to naturally occur with regular ritualistic practice is just an added benefit.

  • At its core, SSM is on a mission of self-empowerment, individual freedom, and maximizing sexual pleasure. We’re not trying to spread negative energy, convert anyone to any way of thinking, or harm any type of innocents — man, woman, child, or beast. We believe that people should be free to live and do as they want to, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Have fun, enjoy, and be safe.

  • SSM does not involve itself in purely political matters. Instead, SSM uses a portion of its resources to fight against grave universal injustices such as human trafficking, sexual abuse, and the hypocritical condemnation and persecution of sex workers.

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With the prevalence of hardcore pornography, access to new sexual ideas, and constantly evolving relationship dynamics in contemporary society — the founders of SSM felt that it was necessary to launch an organization that helps interested persons harness and use these sexual energies to their benefit as opposed to being broken down or controlled by them.

SSM is designed to empower through ritualistic sex. This is good for monogamous couples because it introduces fresh new ideas and communication about sex to the bedroom. It’s good for non-monogamous relationships because the step-by-step nature of rituals provide easy methods to review consent with all participants involved. It’s good for sex workers because it helps them stay connected with the spiritual aspects and ownership of their own bodies. It’s also good for singles or private practice for the psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical benefits.

After decades of research, occultist Abel Kain found a surprisingly small amount of ritualistic sex magic practices within existing contemporary Satanic organizations. Wich is strange, because it is hard to imagine an image that is more emblematic to a pursuit of sexual pleasure, self-empowerment, and individual freedom than the devil himself. 

As a result, the Satanic Order of Sex Magic was founded in 2022 to provide left hand path practitioners with original, effective, and fun sex rituals to enjoy among consenting adults.

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If you feel that you have something unique and valuable to offer the Order, you could be among the earliest clergy members. Contact AKP with your qualifications and we’ll be in touch if we think there would be a good fit.